Volkswagen Agreement Number

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What is a Volkswagen Agreement Number and why is it important?

If you own or have owned a Volkswagen (VW) or Audi vehicle affected by the emissions scandal that erupted in 2015, you may have heard of the term “Volkswagen Agreement Number” or “VAN.” But what does it mean and why does it matter?

In short, a Volkswagen Agreement Number is a unique identification code assigned to eligible VW and Audi owners who have submitted a claim for compensation or buyback under one of the settlements reached between the carmaker and the U.S. government and consumers. The VW diesel settlements, which involve nearly 600,000 cars fitted with illegal software that cheated on emission tests, have been divided into several categories based on the model, year, and engine type of the vehicles. Each settlement has its own criteria, deadlines, and remedies.

To participate in the settlement, VW and Audi owners have to file a claim with the claims administrator appointed by the court, either online or by mail. The claims process involves providing proof of ownership, mileage, and registration, as well as choosing between two options: a buyback or a modification. The buyback option allows owners to sell their affected vehicles back to VW at a predetermined price, while the modification option offers a free fix that should bring the cars into compliance with the emissions standards, but may also affect their performance, fuel economy, and resale value.

After submitting a claim, an owner will receive a Volkswagen Agreement Number, which serves as a reference number for the claim and the buyback or modification process. This number is crucial for tracking the status of the claim, communicating with the claims administrator, and getting updates on the payment or repair options. Without a valid Volkswagen Agreement Number, an owner cannot proceed with the settlement and may miss out on the benefits, such as the compensation for the loss of value, the reimbursement of certain expenses, or the extended warranty.

Therefore, if you are an eligible VW or Audi owner who has not yet filed a claim or received a Volkswagen Agreement Number, you should act fast. The deadline for most of the settlements has passed, but there may still be options available for certain models or circumstances. You can check your eligibility, deadlines, and remedies on the official settlement website,, or by calling the claims administrator at 1-844-98-CLAIM. You can also consult with a lawyer or an independent advisor if you have questions or concerns about the settlement or the Volkswagen Agreement Number.

In addition, you should be aware of the potential risks and benefits of each option and weigh them carefully against your personal preferences and circumstances. For example, if you rely on your vehicle for work, travel, or family needs, the modification option may be more suitable than the buyback, which requires you to give up your car. On the other hand, if you have lost trust in VW or want to avoid future costs related to the emissions cheating, the buyback option may be more attractive, although you may have to find a replacement car with the same features and quality.

In conclusion, a Volkswagen Agreement Number is a critical piece of information for VW and Audi owners who seek compensation or buyback under the emissions settlements. By understanding what it is and how it works, you can navigate the claims process more effectively, ensure your eligibility and entitlements, and make informed decisions about your options. Keep your Volkswagen Agreement Number safe and accessible, and stay informed about any updates or changes to the settlement.